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Trobock Ragdolls started almost 20 years ago with a short break in between. The journey started with me wanting a new cat. Typically, the rescues rejected me as I had a dog and young children so I looked into getting a pedigree cat instead. Having a young family meant I wanted a bold, friendly feline who would take family life in its stride and I thought the Ragdoll cats sounded like they had the perfect temperaments. I was extremely fortunate and found a Ragdoll breeder very local to me and it wasn’t long before I brought my first breeding queen. A prefix soon followed. 

A few years and shows later, here we are still breeding robust, well socialised kittens.

I am a member of the Progressive Ragdoll Breed Cat Club and the GCCF Breeder Scheme. I abide by the GCCF code of ethics and breed mainly for type, health and temperament.

If you want a cat get a moggy if you want a mate get a Raggy! ;0)


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